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IPEP South Asia Regional Hub

c/o Toxics Link,
H2 (Ground Floor), Jungpura Extension, New Delhi 110 014

Tel: +91-(0)11-24320711, 24328006
Fax: +91-(0)11-24321747


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How to participate

In selecting NGOs to participate in the Project, priority consideration will go to: (a) those that have been actively associated with IPEN or other international NGO networks closely associated with IPEN, such as Pesticide Action Network (PAN), Global Alliance for Incineration Alternatives (GAIA), Health Care Without Harm (HCWH), or Basel Action Network (BAN); (b) local NGOs with less history and capacity on POPs but more specific involvement and knowledge of a local problem; or (c) those with a history of undertaking similar activities in their own countries or regions.

The Regional Hub has the authority to select NGOs to carry out projects under IPEP. The Hub will be assisted, as needed and as requested, by Global Project Management.

The mechanisms used for regional NGO input and consultation will likely vary from region to region. In many cases, these will build upon informal collaborative relationships that already exist. Possible arrangements might include informal or formal regional NGO advisory groups or other consultative mechanisms.

The goal is to assure a fair balance of IPEP-supported activities in each region across a spectrum of NGO interests, capabilities and/or styles of work that reflects the range of interests and styles among IPEN POs and related NGOs currently active in the region.

All NGOs participating in the Project must actively support the effective implementation of the Stockholm Convention on POPs. All will have to formally endorse the IPEN Stockholm Declaration (IPEN_Stockholm_Declaration.pdf, Adobe Acrobat Document, 75 KB).

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(You can print out the Declaration and Endorsement form and study it at your leisure. You can then come back to the site and express your interest in participating in the IPEP Project.)